Bitbunker Internet

High speed · reliable · futureproof. Comes with great support.

Fast, stable and safe internet is of great importance to the ever more digital business of today. With the volumes of data ever increasing and remote work taking up an ever more important role in the enterprise, a powerful connection can make the difference. With Bitbunker fiber, you are guaranteed a fast, stable and safe connection for your business. Low latency, high speed and impeccable stability make fiber very well suited for the remote working environment.

Our vast expertise on fiber-optic connections and corporate networks enable a smooth transition from your current provider. Experiences of companies that have already made the transition can be found further down this page. Are you interested in the possibilities? Check your postal code in the tool below or request a call with one of our specialists.

“We use Bitbunker fiber because of the speed and crucial, high quality and dependable service. The bandwidth of fiber is a necessity when working from home. Working without fiber-optic internet is simply not feasible anymore, especially when you are often working remotely or transferring large graphical files.”

- Sjaak Hijmering – Webdeveloper, Vanderperk Groep

“A stable and fast internet connection is essential for our business operations. The sales and preparation departments, where large designs need to be downloaded and processed quickly, are well served by Bitbunker fiber. Thanks to the speed and possibilities for growth Bitbunker fiber offers, we are ready for the future. ”

- Bram Inpijn – Chief Commercial Officer - Van Dijk-Inpijn